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Beijing's 2012 Celebration of Mind 北京2012年的加德纳纪念会剪影

Beijing's 2012 Martin Gardner Celebration of Mind was held on October 21, 2012. Around 120 puzzlers, recreational mathematicians, cubists, magicians and others attended this gathering. Many young people took part in organizing the event. Thanks to Liu Jiahao and Otis Cheng for taking these photos.

1. Organizing the Event
Putting up the banner for Celebration of Mind

Fruits, snacks and water
table
2. Talks
Peter Rasmussen and Wei Zhang welcome everyone
Yu Junxiong talks about his visit with Martin Gardner in North Carolina after attending Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta in 2000
Wu Heling talks about his books on recreational math
Chen Danyang talks about attending the G4GX in Atlanta in 2012

Yao Changlong's talk is on topology
Chinese sudoku champion Chen Cen talks about sudoku in China and presents a hand-on example
Audience participates in sudoku
 3. Shows
MC introduces 9-year-old cubist Wang Shufan
Father (Wang Xiaowei) and daughter (Wang Shufan) solving Rubik's Cube blindfold
Dong Baiqiang uses eight 5x5x5 and two 7x7x7 cubes to form "2012 G4G ♥ 马丁"
"2012 G4G ♥ 马丁" where 马丁 are the Chinese characters for Martin
Audience applause for the cubists
Magician Xu Qiu is the daughter of Fu Qifeng and Xu Zhuang, who attended G4G8 in Atlanta in 2008
Xu Qiu brings down the house with applause
Magician Li Zhongbao shows a traditional Chinese magic trick with cups and balls

Li Zhongbao's performance amuses "children" of all ages
"DIY" magic

We all love and enjoy magic!
California musician Adrienne Shamszad sings at the gathering
4.  Hands-on Tables

Mr. Li Hongkuan with his kaleidoscope creations

Mr. Feng Leyun demonstrates his hidden-burr animal shape puzzles
Mr. Yao Yuzhi solves his giant sliding block puzzle
"How can we help the jockey gallop on the horse?"
This giant  nine linked rings puzzle needs many hands to solve it

Puzzles are fun for all ages!
 5. Faces of Beijing 2012 Celebration of Mind
Zhou Weizhong
Peter Rasmussen and Otis Cheng
Wu Yuanyuan
Magician Xu Qiu with Yu Junxiong in the background
Exchanging ideas
Posing in front of the sign

We all had a great time!
Our thanks to all the volunteers who made this gathering possible!
Our thanks to Beijing Toy Association for it cooperation!
Our thanks to businesses that donated puzzles as souvenir gifts!
Our thanks to everyone who attended the gathering, especially to those who came from out of town!
We will meet again next year!