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International Daily News 國際日報 7/22/2008
CRI Online 國際在線 7/24/2008
KTSF News 電視新聞 7/22/2008

Media: Jon Carroll's Column 專欄報道

On July 15, 2008, popular columnist Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle published a column about the Chinese Puzzles exhibition and announced that it would open "next Tuesday" (July 22). However people started arriving on July 15 while we were still busy installing it! Some visitors came long distances, so we managed to give them a quick "preview."
Read Jon Carroll's article, Ingenious Pieces.

San Francisco Exhibition Opening 中國傳統益智遊戲展開幕

Chinese Puzzles: Games for the Hands and Mind opened on July 22, 2008, at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. The following photos were taken by Michael Goff, Frank Jang and Qin Zhu.

Gallery views. View Picasa slideshow. 展厅照片

Opening night photos. View Picasa slideshow. 开幕剪影

Hands-on activities at the opening. View Picasa slideshow. 动手动脑


Chinese Puzzles: A Video Documentary 中國古代益智遊戲:春节央视十台节目

These two videos are excerpted from a program that aired on national television in China on Chinese New Year in 2008. The program was in Chinese, so I added the English subtitles. The first video is about Linked Rings Puzzles, and the second one is about Burr and Sliding Block Puzzles. The man you see below is Ruan Genquan, inventor of many "ingenious rings" puzzles.